Miami Carnival 2016 Soon Come.


Miami Carnival will soon be upon us and although I am not as excited as last year due to my work commitments I must admit as it approaches I am indeed getting a little excited. I am awed once again by the creativity and color use by the designer for the band Revel Nation. I am in love with their costumes again this year and hopefully will be divulging in the revelry they afford their revellers.


As far as parties are concerned, this year I will most likey only be attending Socabrainwash. I attended the Scorch parties last year and was disappointed in the drinks available, the vibes and the crowd. I was not impressed in the least but to be fair if a party does not have Grey Goose Vodka at the bar they lose major points in my books. This particular item may not be as important to you as it is to me.


To close I cannot wait to see what vibes this carnival will bring and I hope to see all of you there having a blast.

If you are interested in attending the festival check out the link below:

All costumes depicted are from Revel Nation Carnival.