Miami Cop Drives Patrol Car Up A Pole

One Miami police officer is surely a little red-faced this morning after driving his patrol car up a utility pole, where it got stuck.

The single car accident happened just before 6 a.m. Tuesday morning near Northwest 6th Avenue and 67th Street, when according to police the unnamed officer became briefly distracted and ran over a wire on the pole.

Hours later, Miami Police spokesman Willy Moreno confirmed the officer had reached for a fallen pen, not realizing his car was veering left as he did so. The incident left the car at a 45-degree angle, with only its back wheels or bumper on the ground. The uninjured officer -- unless you count pride -- was helped out of vehicle by Miami Fire Rescue workers.

"This is something you have to look at and laugh," Moreno told NBCMiami. One man living in the area did just that, whipping out a camera to capture some pictures and a second camera to capture video for YouTube.

"I have to let the world know a police car has went up on the pole on my block," laughed Donovan French to WSVN.