Miami-Dade County To Create An Online Dangerous Dog Registry

There'll soon be a sex-offender-like database for bite-happy Miami-Dade canines.

County Commissioners voted 9-1 Tuesday to create an online dangerous dog registry, the Miami Herald reports.

Under the proposal sponsored by Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz, dogs considered to be “dangerous” will have their data posted online for the community to see, according to meeting documents. Commissioner Lynda Bell dissented.

Dogs who attack another dog or human without provokation will be added with a “mug shot,” incident description, the dog’s traits, vaccination data, microchip number, name and address of owner, and case numbers related to the dog.

Within two weeks, owners will be required to complete the following tasks for any such dog:

  • Vaccination
  • Sterilization
  • Implant with a microchip and turn in the number
  • Have a proper enclosure
  • A visible sign warning children and adults that a danger dog is on the property

The registry certificate must be renewed with the county every year as well. If the dog attacks another animal/human, gets loose, is sold/given away, or dies, the county must also be notified.

Alex Muñoz, director of Miami-Dade Animal Services told the Miami Herald that he anticipates about 100 dangerous dog complaints to come in annually. The ordinance, he said, would be “in place to protect both people and pets.”

In August, Miami-Dade residents voted to reaffirm the county's pit bull ban, continuing decades of criminalizing the breed after a young girl was attacked in 1989.