Miami Dolphins Fans Record Peyton Manning 'My Heart Will Go On' Tribute (WATCH)

Watch: Dolphins Fans Record Titanic Tribute To Manning

As the Miami Dolphins have sunk further and further into mediocrity, the franchise' fans have only gotten more creative (read: desperate). From flying a banner plane over Sun Life Stadium to Occupy Miami Dolphins to billboards, the collective need of the aqua and orange has never been more palpable, more earnest, Leonardo DiCaprio freezing solid and sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic.

Yep. Three Dolphins fans hoping the Fins nab free agent quarterback Peyton Manning have re-recorded Celine Dion's Titanic ballad "My Heart Will Go On," both sincerely and hilariously yearning for Manning's career to go on in Miami.

[Watch the 110 percent effort above.]

"Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you, hoping that the Dolphins you'll run," sings Kevin Mayer of Dolphins-flavored humor trio "WAARF Records" before launching into a tremulous reference to Manning's recent neck surgery:

Nerves! arm! however you are!

I believe that your career must go on

Matt Moore, we'll show him the door

And you'll heal and your career, your career will go on

Audibles at the lineA perfect pass to HarlineA draw to Regie Bush from shotgunLuck was why they left youWhy Irsay he cut youCircumstances so he moved on

Nerves! arm! however you areWe believe that your career should go onNo snow, your beachfront condoYou'll be here and your career, your career will go on and on

Finishing up with a motion to rename the Florida Turnpike to Peyton Way and a creepily whispered, "we love you," the absurd video aims to accomplish what fans don't trust the Miami front office to do: nab one of greatest quarterbacks of all time, papier-mâché neck and all.

"I don't believe in them at all, and if they do pull it off it'll go horribly wrong," said Mayer, who took lyrics written by fellow fan Rizzmiggizz and recorded them in his closet. Buddy Vinbob added visuals, and the dreams of three young men took flight across the Internet.

"A decade plus of looking for the next Dan Marino more than fueled the lyrics," said Rizzmiggizz. "Peyton is exactly what we need... The Dolphins passed on Drew Brees due to health concerns; we can't take the same risk. In this NFL if you wanna be great, sometimes you must be bold."

Other times, of course, you've gotta be Celine Dion. Think Denver will do that for you, Manning? Doubtful. Just doubtful.

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