Miami Dolphins Fans Kicked Off Team Property During Jeff Ireland Protest (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Protesting Dolfans Kicked Off Team Property

Angry Miami Dolphins fans headed to the team's training facility in Davie Tuesday with frowny paper bags and posters, only to be politely kicked off the property.

Faster even than Miami can whiff on two quarterbacks, the growing group of 20 protestors was booted from a patch of Dolphins-owned turf (check out video from WSVN's Donovan Campbell), but quickly regrouped across the street to continue a barrage against recent roster whiffs in general and general manager Jeff Ireland in particular.

"A lot of cars are honking in agreement, which is pretty cool," Kevin Mayer (of 'Nerves! Arm!' fame) told HuffPost Miami. "One person drove by all slow with a bag over his head and his fist out the window."

Fins fans, already on slow boil after years of losing, have been outraged with one personnel decision after another this offseason. Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall was traded last week to the Chicago Bears in exchange for two third-round draftees. Then, staff failed to lure Peyton Manning to the team and whiffed on Matt Flynn, instead announcing the signing of former Jacksonville Jaguars WB David Garrard to a one-year contract. Team captain and 2011 leading tackler Yeremiah Bell was reportedly released on Monday -- a lot to stomach for a fan base who's seen the Fins go down like a certain famous ship over the last few seasons.

"We have the most passionate fans in football and they are not shy about letting that sentiment be known," a Dolphins spokesperson said Tuesday after the protest was underway. "We understand, and are working hard on giving them something to cheer about this season."

They are also dilligent. An online petition to have Ireland fired has gone viral, demanding that the infamous inquisitor be fired from his post at the top.

"The Miami Dolphins are a once proud sports franchise and despite your efforts to the contrary, we now find this organization battered, bruised and disrespected everywhere," part of the petition reads.

Other angry football fans have taken to the Twitterverse, changing their profile pictures to a stamp reading "Fire Jeff Ireland!" -- the same message a group already flew over Sun Life Stadium with a banner plane on gameday.

Check out more rants and raves from Tuesday's protest below:

Donovan Campbell: 'Dolphin fans have resorted to the brown bags'

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