Miami International Airport Evacuated After TSA Screeners Find Novelty 'Grenade' Lighter (VIDEO)

"You gotta get out! You gotta get out!," Miami International Airport officials yelled as they herded hundreds of holiday passengers away from a terminal on Christmas Eve.

Watch the WSVN video above.

The bomb squad was called around noon Tuesday after TSA screeners found what they thought was an explosive in the luggage of a woman headed to Honduras.

"It appeared that there was something that looked like a grenade in there. So obviously we can't take any chances with that," said Lauren Stover, the airport's assistant aviation director for public safety, told Local 10.

Two flights were delayed and the second floor of Terminal J-H evacuated as the suspicious item was investigated.

In the end, the "grenade" turned out to be a novelty lighter intended as a gift.

"We encourage the public to be very mindful of the types of gifts that they buy," Stover told WSVN, "especially if they're traveling out of an airport, don't but something that looks like a grenade."