20 Food Things Only A Miamian Would Understand (PHOTOS)

You know you've got a Miamian in front of you when they take down more cafesitos than you can count.

There's only one way to tell when someone's from Miami. It's not by the way they talk -- with 65 percent of the population coming from all over Latin America, this would be an impossible test. It's not by the way they dress -- again, way too diverse. But take a look at the things they eat, and it becomes instantly clear that they hail from the one-of-a-kind city that rests on the tip of South Florida.

You know you've got a Miamian in front of you when they eat a smoothie for breakfast, chicharrones for lunch, stone crabs for dinner and take down more cafesitos than you can count. Being bred in this city means you've lived the perfect melting pot of Latin cuisines with South Florida ocean living. It's strange, but only in the best of ways. If you're from this unique town from the South, we're willing to bet that you -- and only you -- can truly understand the food truths we speak below.

Guava pastelitos are a breakfast of champions.
Flickr: Gourmandj
And a guava con queso pastelito is food fit for a king.
You know that Lobster ain't s*** because you can have stone crabs.
Flickr: ALifeWorthEating
Especially when paired with Joe's mustard sauce.
You knew the difference between a colada, cortadito and cafe con leche before you could read or write.
Flicker: jasonperlow
A Publix sub will bring you to your knees.
Flickr: simmiecakes
No other sandwich can rival this sub. Except, maybe, a medianoche.
You don't buy mangos or avocados. Ever.
Flickr: bolz
They grow for free in your backyard. Or in your neighbor's. Or at your employer's house. Or your cousin's. Or your abuelito's. And if you don't have anyone in your life to give you mangos and avocados, you can buy them 6 for a dollar on the side of the road, out of the trunk of someone's car. Never, ever at the grocery store.
Fresh squeezed orange juice is better with sugar. Trust us.
Flickr: Eric Rihlmann
Even if you don't speak a lick of Spanish, you can order chicharrones like a boss.
Flickr: juliusmayojr
Smoothies are a totally normal meal replacement.
Flickr: Anja.2012
Cuban coffee is not just a beverage, it's a way of life.
Flickr: miamism
Sushi's good. Ceviche is SO MUCH BETTER.
Flickr: powerplantop
Your birthday cake has always been a tres leches.
Flickr: fabcakelady
And you're so much better off for it.
Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls are worth killing for.
Flickr: mighty-j
Your perfect Saturday is driving an hour to the farm, waiting in line for another hour, devouring half a dozen cinnamon rolls all to yourself, washing it down with a strawberry shake and feeling sick the rest of the day from a mega-sugar overload.CORRECTION: An earlier version stated "your perfect Sunday" instead of Saturday, when in fact Knaus Berry Farm is closed on Sundays.
Dolphin is a regular option on menus.
Flickr: Mr. T in DC
It's a fish as well as a porpoise. And it's also known as mahi-mahi in other parts of the country.
You don't order SAM-on at a restaurant. It's SAL-mon.
Flickr: consumedithis
You can order a better cup of coffee out of a window in any strip mall than you can get at Starbucks.
Flickr: emilio labrador
Who needs BBQ when you have churrasco?
Flickr: kayo8008
Because chimichurri beats barbecue sauce any day.
Mixology? Pssh. We keep our cocktails simple.
Flickr: peterpesta
Think rum and coke or vodka cran. Mojitos are as complicated as we like to go.
Our best kept secret: Key lime pie is so much better served frozen.
Flickr: jonesingfor
And it's only really good when it's made in South Florida.
Maduros are good with everything. Even sushi.
Flickr: magzalez
Cuban coffee is so much better enjoyed standing at the counter.
Flickr: miamism
There's no rhyme or reason to this. It just is.

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