Miami Heat Cake Pictures: Big 3 Celebrate Championship With Divine Delicacies' Incredible Confection (PHOTOS)

LOOK: The Miami Heat's Cake Is RIDICULOUS

Like all things Miami, the Heat's championship celebrations have been over the top -- and the cake takes the cake.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh hit club Bamboo on South Beach Friday night to continue partying after winning the Heat's second NBA championship in two years, and just like 2012, local celebrity bakers Divine Delicacies outdid themselves in the confectionary department. (Story continues below.)

The Heat's red velvet, cream cheese and vanilla rum cake, which the bakery started working on weeks in advance, included a six-tiered tower topped with a round cake basketball covered in 36,000 Swarovski crystals.

A second cake tower was a 5-tier replica of the NBA's Larry O'Brien trophy, painted in 24 karat edible gold paint and topped with a Miami Heat championship hat made of sugar. Both elements sat atop a sheet cake that resembled AmericanAirlines Arena's hardwood floor.

"We started bedazzling the basketball 2-3 weeks ago," Laura Candeau of Divine Delicacies told Hot Hot Hoops. "Yes, we believed they would win and we had faith in our team."

Check out the incredible, edible creation below:

Miami Heat Cake 2013

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