Miami Heat Fans Should Root for LeBron in NBA Finals

It's been a difficult season for Miami Heat fans and it's not even because of LeBron's leaving-us-at-the-alter-departure. The Heat's season was calamitously filled with decimating injuries, a lack of continuity, and gut-wrenching 4th Quarter collapses of so many games we should of won, especially at home and down the stretch.

Besides from the emergence of Hassan Whiteside, the best part of this season was whipping LeBron on Christmas and then again at home in March.

Obviously, during the season, it would've been idiotic for any Heat fan to root for LeBron James because he was our competition. It's also understandable to feel pissed off at The Departure. He disrespected Pat Riley pretty hard and he definitely complicated our off-season last year. It's complicated to even write this article, but right now, heading into the NBA Finals, Miami Heat fans should swallow their pride and root for LeBron James to win another championship. He's just so good.

And he gave us so much.

As a Heat fan, in these Playoffs, my attitude changed considerably towards LeBron.

After Round One of the Playoffs when Boston banged the Cavs up pretty hard knocking out Kevin Love (who is one of the best 20 players in the league) I remember thinking good, there's no way the Cavs will beat the Bulls. Screw the Cavs. Go Warriors (I bet them in Las Vegas to win it all around the All-Star break at 4-1 odds).

During Round Two my feelings started to change. The Bulls had a 2-1 lead and it looked like the Cavs were toast. Then Pao Gasol went out. And LeBron James took over. That game ending buzzer-beater jump shot with one second left in Game 4 stirred moments of sentimentality in an aching Heat fan's heart for we had so many moments like that. I still was not turned because that game was complicated, but a tectonic movement in my sentimental throes towards LeBron shifted.

Not in like a San Andreas destroy California way, but subtly.

During Round Three, LeBron James won me back as a fan.

What he did to the Hawks without Kevin Love AND Kyrie Irving (one of the best 20 players in the league) was downright lethal. He proved his superiority and played every game like it was Game 6 against the Celtics in 2012. Remember that game?

Remember the four Final's we went to in a row?

Remember the parades and the road rallies and the hanging of the banners?

This year, in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James put up unearthly numbers. He finished with 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists. Nobody balls like that. Especially at such a high level of competition. And while defending all five positions on the court. Remember, we had the best basketball player currently on the planet for four years during the prime of his career. We all know that. We should appreciate that. Recognize this guy's jersey will likely one day hang from the rafters of the AAA arena. We should root for him. Especially when so many people aren't.

Especially since he's considered an under-dog.

Don't hate. Relate.

It's hard to say this, especially since the Warriors are amazing, but go Cavs.

Let's watch LeBron earn another one.

It only makes us look better.

Where do you think he learned how to win championships?