Miami Heat Locker Room Celebration After The 2012 NBA Title (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

LOOK: Heat Players Celebrate

"It's about to go down!" screamed LeBron James on his way to the Miami Heat locker room.

And go down it did: whether celebrating a second title (Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem), a long-awaited first (Juwan Howard, Shane Battier) or putting a dagger in the hearts of those who long held a lack of ring against him (James), the Heat let loose -- and showered in Champagne -- after capturing the 2012 NBA Championship.

"This is what I've been waitin' on!' crowed Dwyane Wade, bursting past James and into the party. "Give me on of those bottles!"

Later, of course, the guys headed to LIV. But first there were late-game hugs and dancing, kids and WAGs to kiss, a center-court presentation complete with streamers and confetti, and the very crowded, very wet locker room celebration, where Chris Bosh led the way in the most hilarious fashion possible:

Check out footage from the locker room above, and photos of our Miami Heat taking it home below:

Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat Locker Room Celebration

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