Miami Herald Shreds Ron DeSantis Over Latest Vaccine Claim: 'Profile In Selfishness'

The newspaper's editorial board ripped the Florida Republican's latest take on COVID-19 shots.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) latest comments about COVID-19 vaccines earned a stern rebuke from the Miami Herald editorial board.

DeSantis claimed last week — as his state continued to experience a surge in the highly contagious delta variant ― that receiving the shot is “about your health and whether you want that protection or not” and “doesn’t impact me or anyone else.”

The newspaper’s board called out DeSantis — a prominent Donald Trump apologist and possible 2024 presidential contender — for “dismissing the role of vaccines in reducing community spread.”

“Doesn’t impact anyone else? Talk about a profile in selfishness,” it wrote.

The role of the shots are actually “the opposite of what he says” because the spread of COVID-19 “is a community problem, and solving it starts with vaccines,” it continued.

DeSantis has already banned schools from mandating the use of face masks and fought cruise line companies requiring passengers to be vaccinated, the board noted.

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