Miami Hurricanes Should Hire Ray Lewis

L-E-W-I-S -- LEWIS ! !

The Miami Hurricanes, like the Miami Dolphins, need a feisty, inspirational ex-player to coach them and no-one would serve Canes Nation better than Ray Lewis.

Hire Ray Lewis and hire him now.

Al Golden is out at Miami, one day after the worst loss in Hurricanes history.

Miami Hurricanes Athletics director Blake James said Larry Scott will serve as interim coach for the remainder of the season. But now is the perfect time for Ray Lewis to come home. Look at the Dolphins since they hired a feisty ex-player as coach.

The same could happen with the Canes.

Real talk. Who would be a better coach than Ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis gets the most out of those around him.

Ray Lewis is a Canes lifer. He bleeds green and orange.

In addition, Ray Lewis's son is a red-shirt freshman on the practice squad.

The timing is perfect and such a natural fit.

The Canes need a coach with both swagger and integrity. The wholesomeness of Al Golden was never a proper fit for the Miami Hurricanes. Nor should they hire someone who is only swagger. They need someone who is raw street but also a positive role model, a strong father and spiritual leader and most importantly, a winner. This position, coach of the Miami Hurricanes, is tailor made for Ray Lewis.

One needs to know the logistics of Mr. Lewis's broadcasting contract with ESPN, but if there is a way to get out: GET OUT, come home and grind the Canes into winners.

Mr. Lewis once said:

"All I know is GRIND... You gotta be hungry for it. You've got to put everything you got on it. EVERYTHING! Every second. That's how leaders are born... What makes you grind? You have to always be chasing something..."

What makes you grind now, Ray?

Is it really the broadcasting booth?

Come coach your son and his teammates.

Come home and save Canes Nation.

You will be embraced by everyone and we need you.

You might be the only one who could save this team!

You never won a Championship as a Cane, win your redemption now.

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