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Miami Is Where Most Latin Americans Would Like To Live, Survey Says

Thousands flock to the sandy beaches, rhythmic nights and sunny days of Miami -- but it seems that most Latin American tourists would like to extend their visits indefinitely.

In fact the city was chosen as Latin Americans’ favorite place to live according to a survey published late last week by Argentine online newspaper The non-scientific survey found that 24.61% of the 3,921 readers polled chose Miami as the city where’d they’d ideally settle down.

Readers were asked to choose between Miami, Florida; Santiago de Chile, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico; Bogotá, Colombia; Montevideo, Uruguay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; La Habana, Cuba; Quito, Ecuador and San Jose, Costa Rica. Some of the paper’s readers pointed to the quality of life and order of the American city as reasons they’d like to live there.

"For the quality of life, the peace, the power to choose in every way, Miami,” wrote Adriana Lucía as part of the survey. “But I love my crazy Buenos Aires, I just wish it’d have some of Miami’s organization, that would make me happy.”

The paper also highlighted the two Latin American cities that topped the survey and which ones were the least popular among its readers. Check out the slideshow below for the results.

Miami, Florida

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