Donald Mason, Miami Man Found Dead Inside Home Full Of Bees

Man Found Dead Inside Home Full Of Bees

A teenage girl found her father dead inside his home that was infested with thousands of bees living inside the walls, reports the Miami Herald.

Donald Mason, 49, was found in the upstairs bedroom of a Miami home that he was renovating. Investigators have not determined the cause of death, but his brother told the paper, Mason fell from a chair while swatting at a swarm of bees and hit his head.

Mason was trying to renovate the home on a limited budget and had tried to fog spray the hive in the wall, and then tried to patch up the hole in the wall with tape.

Police told the Herald that Mason's death is considered unclassified, but it's more likely his death was due to the fall, rather than anything to do with the bees.

Willie Sklaroff, also known as 'the bee man,' who runs a bee extermination company was called into help and said there were at leas 60,000 bees living inside the walls of the house, reports

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