Miami Marlins Cancel Home Opener As Virus Hits Team

The Marlins opened their season last Friday with a three-game series in Philadelphia.

The Miami Marlins canceled their home opener Monday due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus within their team, according to multiple reports.

Sources told ESPN on Monday the number of cases within the team has reached at least 14.

ESPN also reports the Philadelphia Phillies will not play a scheduled home game against the Yankees on Monday.

The Marlins called off their trip back to Florida from Philadelphia on Sunday and remain in a hotel in Pennsylvania. They were scheduled to host the Baltimore Orioles on Monday night.

Right-handed starter Jose Urena was scratched from Sunday’s game as manager Don Mattingly openly contemplated making the trip back to Miami for Monday’s game without a portion of his team.

“The guys that tested positive are quarantined here in Philly,” Mattingly said Sunday.

That reportedly included Urena and catcher Jorge Alfaro, who was placed on the injured list Friday before the opener at Philadelphia. The Marlins did not provide a specific injury or details, saying only that Alfaro would return this season.

Mattingly said Sunday he discussed the atmosphere around the team and wanted to make sure players felt safe before they took the field against the Phillies. At the time, the worry already was palpable.

“It’s fair to say guys are concerned about things,” Mattingly said. “They want their feelings as part of situations to be heard. I think it’s fair. We’re talking about health. We’re talking about these guys traveling back to their homes. To their families, to their kids. It’s the reason we want to be safe. They’ve got a voice, and they get a voice. We’re definitely going to listen to what’s going on with them.”

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