Miami Marlins Reveal New Name, Uniform, Logo At Florida Ceremony (VIDEO)

WATCH: Miami Marlins Officially Reveal New Name And Look

It's a fresh start for "The Fish." The Miami Marlins, formerly the Florida Marlins, got more than a name change Friday night. The MLB team revealed new uniforms and a new logo for the upcoming baseball season during an unveiling ceremony on Nov. 11.

Players from the Miami-based team sported the new gear with an orange, black, yellow and blue color scheme on the "runway" during a gala event with more than 700 people in attendance, reports.

A photo of the uniforms was leaked on Twitter before Friday's official unveiling, the Sun Sentinel reports. Rumors of the team's re-branding efforts have been circulating since September.

As if a new name, logo and wardrobe weren't enough, the Marlins are gearing up to play in a new stadium, New Marlins Ballpark, which is set to open in March of 2012, according to

The team is looking to start the season with more than just a new appearance, however.

The Miami Marlins are also hoping to recruit big-name players, such as Albert Pujols, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals for 11 seasons, CBS points out. Pujols, whose team won the World Series in October, is now a free agent and reportedly met with team officials in Miami on Friday, the Los Angeles Times reports. Management also has its eye on Jose Reyes, formerly of the New York Mets, and Mark Buehrle, formerly of the Chicago White Sox.

The team's first regular-season game is scheduled for April 4 against the Cardinals, according to the MLB schedule.

The Marlins previously sported a teal, black and white color scheme. The then-Florida Marlins have won two World Series: their first in 1997 against the Cleveland Indians and again in 2003 against the New York Yankees.

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