Bizzle, Miami Rapper, Killed In Liberty City Shooting (VIDEO)

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A Miami rapper and entrepreneur known as Bizzle was shot dead Monday night after a confrontation in front of a Liberty City car wash.

Miami Police say the victim, born Robert Labranche, was shot near the Ben & Ben's Car Wash at Northwest 54th Street and 7th Court at 8 p.m. Monday evening.

Two of Labranche's young children were inside his car nearby when he was shot, but did not see it happen. Neither of them was physically harmed in the incident.

Word of the 37-year-old rapper's death spread quickly. According to Local 10, a crowd of at least 100 assembled in the busy thoroughfare in front of the car wash, prompting police on the scene to call for backup.

Officers had to use force when two members of Bizzle's distraught family crossed crime scene tape while forensic investigators combed the scene. They were later released.

"Emotions are very, very high," Miami PD spokesman Willie Moreno told Local 10 at the scene. "This is someone that was definitely loved not just by his family, but by his community."

Investigators said Bizzle became involved in an argument at the car wash before he was shot, and NBC6 reports police are searching for a twentysomething black male wearing all black who was seen fleeing the scene.

Witnesses are urged to contact Miami Police.