Miami University Fraternities Busted For Marijuana After Police Respond To Alleged Fireworks Fight

Two fraternities from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, were allegedly engaging in a fireworks "battle" -- which involved shooting the fireworks off their roofs in the direction of each other's respective houses -- when police responded and allegedly ended up uncovering what they described as a "pretty significant amount of marijuana," the Dayton Daily News reports.

The Oxford police came upon the marijuana as they were looking into a fire alarm that had gone off at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at about 5:30 a.m. on Sunday. The other fraternity involved in the "battle" was Phi Kappa Tau. Fraternity members from both houses were allegedly being uncooperative with the authorities, so police obtained search warrants for both residencies.

It's unclear just how much marijuana the police allegedly recovered, but Cincinnati's reports that police also found what appeared to be cocaine.

Headline-grabbing arrests at fraternities have not exactly been uncommon in recent years.

In September, police seized 998 beer cans from a Rowan University fraternity in New Jersey, the Gloucester County Times reports.

In 2010, reports surfaced that an undercover police officer had managed to buy $11,000 worth of drugs at Columbia University fraternity houses over the course of five months. The students involved were allegedly selling a wide range of drugs, including LSD-spiked candy.

An even more significant drug bust occurred in 2008 at San Diego State, resulting in the arrest of 75 students, according to the Los Angeles Times.