Buffalo Bills Players Fume At Reporter's 'Embarrassing' Question

Defensive backs Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer accused TV journalist Jerry Sullivan of lacking respect.

Buffalo Bills safeties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde snapped at a reporter Monday after the Bills lost 14-10 to the New England Patriots in a wind-swept game at home. (See the videos below.)

WIVB-TV’s Jerry Sullivan, noting that the Bills lost to a team that attempted fewer passes (three) than any franchise in more than 40 years, asked the two players: “Was that embarrassing?”

An irked Poyer replied, “What kind of question is that?”

Hyde jumped in: “What are you doing, bro?” he admonished. “Keep at it.”

“We’ll remember that,” Hyde continued. “I’ll remember that.”

As he walked away, Hyde continued to fume at Sullivan.

“It’s all about respect,” he said. “I come here every single week and answer your questions, truthfully, honestly. I appreciate you guys. Don’t do that.”

The Bills surrendered 222 yards rushing, even though it was no secret that New England would run the ball most of the time, For the Win noted.

In a tweet afterward, Sullivan criticized Hyde’s reaction.

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