WATCH: 'Party Monster' Michael Alig Tells All After Being Released From Prison

Club Kids co-founder Michael Alig joined HuffPost Live today only days after being released from a 17-year prison sentence for killing friend and fellow Club Kid Angel Melendez.

The 35-minute interview covered a range of topics, including Alig's perspective about the progression of gay rights and the difference in political and social attitudes towards gay people since the 1990s. He told HuffPost Live in the above clip:

"I'm kind of ambivalent about the gay thing going mainstream because on the one hand I want to see gay people having the same rights as everybody and not being discriminate again -- that kind of thing. That's the reason I moved to New York. But on the other hand I'm kind of a subversive person and I kind of enjoy being the rebel and being the one whose going against the grain. Once it's kind of been accepted all around I wonder if it will even hold any excitement anymore because we're becoming as boring as straight people."

Alig also discussed his personal relationship with Melendez, as well as Melendez's relationship with the Club Kids as a whole. According to Alig, Mendez was very much a part of the Club Kids family and felt love and support from the group despite media representation.

"I know that nothing I can ever do or say is going to bring [Angel's family] closure because this is something they're going to have to carry with them the rest of their lives as well," Alig told HuffPost Live. "But if there's anything I could say that would make them feel a little bit better, I'd like them to know that despite how the media has portrayed our relationship with Angel... he was just like the rest of us -- this kind of disenfranchised kid from New Jersey who felt that he didn't really belong for whatever reason. He was gay. When he came and he was a part of the club kids -- he was part of the family. And that's what I would like his family to know. He was very loved despite what horrible things we may have been quoted as saying in the newspapers. He was very loved... he was happy."

Alig also shared with HuffPost Live his struggles with heroin use while imprisoned, as well as the way in which the drug was made easily accessible to him while behind bars. Check out that clip below or head here to view the interview in full.