Michael Alig, Club Kids Co-Founder, To Be Released From Prison

Look Who's Getting Out Of Prison...

'90s New York nightlife icon and Club Kids co-founder Michael Alig is slated to be released from prison on May 5 after serving 17 years for the murder of friend and fellow club kid Andre "Angel" Melendez in 1996.

Alig, whose story was documented in the film "Party Monster," will reportedly not immediately re-enter the club scene as a way of life. According to Black Book:

His transition to the real world will be eased by a support group who, for the most part, have stuck by him for more than a decade and a half. Michael has never used a computer or cellphone but he has remained keenly aware of the world we live in. There is no chance that he will return to clubs as a way of life, but he will paint and write, and as always, try to impact the way we think.

Alig's release comes at a interesting time, with a resurgence in New York nightlife occurring following the regulatory and velvet-roped nature of the scene throughout the 2000s.

Alig has also been active on Twitter recently, using the editor of his memoir to communicate his thoughts to the outside world.


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