How This Gay Couple Turned Their Love Of Travel Into A Meaningful Side Hustle

Husbands Michael Lindsay and Matthew Schueller — known to followers as Michael & Matt — share their top picks for great LGBTQ getaways.
Michael Lindsay (left) and Matthew Schueller are the co-founders of Michael & Matt, a popular LGBTQ travel blog.
Michael Lindsay (left) and Matthew Schueller are the co-founders of Michael & Matt, a popular LGBTQ travel blog.
Christopher Rice

Travel isn’t just a pastime for Michael Lindsay and Matthew Schueller, it’s also a bedrock of their relationship and, as it turns out, a fruitful side hustle.

Lindsay, 33, and Schueller, 30, are co-founders of the popular LGBTQ travel blog Michael & Matt, where they share quirky and insightful takes on their globetrotting adventures, as seen from the perspective of a same-sex couple.

The Portland, Oregon-based pair have also garnered a devoted following on Instagram and TikTok, among other social media platforms, all of which they hope will provide a collective platform for young LGBTQ people to not only feel seen but also encouraged to embark on excursions of their own.

“I think people being visible online was so important for us in seeing ourselves reflected,” Lindsay, a dentist, told HuffPost. “That’s the reason why we do what we do because there’s a need for it.”

The couple began their years-long journey to matrimony in 2014, when they met up in Seattle after establishing a thoughtful (and flirtatious) rapport online.

At the time of that in-person meet-cute, Schueller was a physiology student at Seattle Pacific University while Lindsay was studying dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska. After Schueller shared his coming-out story on YouTube, Lindsay filmed a video in response in which he, too, opened up about his experience coming to terms with his true self as a gay man.

Watch a clip from Lindsay and Schueller’s 2018 wedding below.

The two men soon began corresponding regularly, and before long, Lindsay was scraping together cash for a plane ticket to Seattle, where a full-blown romance blossomed. Shortly thereafter, they began sharing their love story in joint posts on social media, and in 2018 they were married.

That same year, Michael & Matt made its official debut, with the aim of offering thoughtful tips for LGBTQ travelers imbued with heart and humor. Since then, it’s grown to include anecdotes about their experiences with new homeownership and, if all goes according to plan, future parenthood.

As their family grows and they continue to settle into domestic life, Lindsay and Schueller say they’ll look for new and creative ways to keep up with their travels. No doubt audiences will remain eager to follow along on virtual escapes to exotic locales, particularly as real-life travel continues to present other challenges.

“The way I see it, our relationship started with travel, because Michael traveled out to Seattle to see me,” said Schueller, now a registered nurse. “Our first foundational experiences together were all based around travel. I think travel is always going to be a major part of our platform.”

Added Lindsay: “The weird and ever-evolving political climate affects us all in different ways. But if we continue sharing our lives online ― especially as we’re trying to raise kids ― more people will understand the things that we, and the rest of the LGBTQ community, go through.”

With summer 2022 in full swing, HuffPost asked Lindsay and Schueller for their top recommendations for off-the-radar destinations that are safe and inclusive for LGBTQ travelers.

Here’s what they had to say:

Kansas City, Missouri
Matthew Schueller
"A city that may be lesser known amongst the gay community, Kansas City served as one of the earliest venues for gay rights organizers in the 1960s. The city has hosted a Pride Festival since 1975 and still hosts a three-day event each year. Beyond the history, the city has a lot to offer LGBTQ tourists.

"A laid-back atmosphere, incredible food, great nightlife and one of the nicest shopping districts in the country make this city a great fit for any tourist. Spend a day at the plaza, grab a drink at Missie B’s, then head to the Power and Light District for some amazing music, dancing or both!"
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Alejandro Quesada
"Often overlooked amongst those traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula, Playa del Carmen is greatly known as simply an area that holds tons of resorts, but there is so much more to explore!

"Located directly between Cancun and Tulum, Playa del Carmen has a bustling downtown nightlife complete with gay-friendly bars and clubs, as well as pristine stretches of beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect home base for anyone interested in venturing out to the gorgeous cenotes or Mayan ruins in the area."
New Orleans
Harper Bokum-Fauth
"Southern charm at its finest, New Orleans isn’t just a destination for bachelorette parties — though you’re bound to find a few rambunctious groups along Bourbon Street. Rainbow flags are flying high in the Big Easy.

"We particularly were drawn to the tight-knit neighborhoods with bars and restaurants interspersed between the blocks, colorful houses amongst plenty of street art and the outdoor venues that provided cute airy spaces to mingle. If you find yourself looking for a night out, make your way toward the corners of Bourbon and St. Ann, as you’ll be sure to find a show."
Berkeley, California
Matthew Schueller
"Berkeley, California, is San Francisco’s gay younger cousin. Filled to the brim with artisan wineries and trendy eateries, Berkeley is one of our favorite places we’ve visited in the States and is definitely just as gay as both of us.

"Boasting a huge host of gay-owned businesses, exploring the Wine Block was a huge surprise — we had no idea that an entire section of the city is littered with wineries, tasting rooms and outdoor patios. Explore University of California, Berkeley’s Botanical Gardens, stroll down University Street or find yourself venturing out to wine country just an hour to the north."
Bend, Oregon
Daniel Hoops
"I remember visiting Oregon when I was only 10 years old, and, oh, how it has transformed into a completely different city over the decades! Historically, a Western cowboy-type town nestled at the edge of Oregon’s high desert and the Cascade Mountains, Bend’s population has exploded in recent years, and for good reason.

"Bend is home to the Pacific Northwest’s Gay Ski Weekend and Winter Pride Fest. In the summer, it’s perfect for accessing gorgeous hiking trails in the mountains, biking, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. Explore the gastropubs, breweries and gay-friendly bars downtown and in the Old Mill District."

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