Michael B. Jordan Knocks On Doors In Georgia To Tell Black Voters To Go To Polls

The actor is also using the hashtag #VotingWhileBlack to tell black voters that they can make a difference on issues like police brutality and racial justice.

Michael B. Jordan has been knocking on doors in Atlanta in an effort to encourage black voters to show up at the polls and vote in the midterm elections next week.

The “Black Panther” actor partnered with racial justice group Color Of Change PAC to tell voters how important it is to show up on Election Day, and is using the hashtag #VotingWhileBlack to track the effort.

A major goal of the Color Of Change PAC initiative is to “promote awareness of using your vote to fight back on issues like police brutality and reforming the criminal justice system,” the group said in a statement.

The Georgia gubernatorial race has been extremely close, with Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams and Republican nominee Brian Kemp alternating who leads in the polls almost daily.

And Jordan isn’t the only celebrity knocking on the doors of Georgia voters. Comedian Will Ferrell was also recently spotted campaigning for the state’s Democratic candidates. A video posted Friday to Abrams’ Facebook page shows Ferrell handing out her campaign stickers at Kennesaw State University.

“We’re gonna win by knocking on doors,” Ferrell says in the video. “All the doors.”

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