Michael B. Jordan Isn't Concerned If You Don't Like His 'Fantastic Four' Casting

Michael B. Jordan Doesn't Care If You Don't Like His 'Fantastic Four' Casting

Michael B. Jordan knows not everyone is thrilled with Fox's decision to cast a black actor to play The Human Torch in the forthcoming "Fantastic Four" reboot, but he's not worried.

"They're still going to go see it anyway," he said lightheartedly when TMZ caught the actor entering a restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif., on Thursday (Feb. 20).

Apparently, purists are criticizing the studio's failure to cast an actor with the blond hair and blue eyes for which Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch) is known. (Really, people?)

Jordan's nonchalance echoes comments he made to HuffPost Entertainment last summer, when his casting was nothing more than a young rumor. "I mean, if it were to happen, would I shy away from the moment? Of course not," he said. "I don't care if I was Asian or blue or brown or green or red. It doesn't matter."

Watch Jordan's response to TMZ below.

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