Michael B. Jordan Opens Up About How He Dealt With Lori Harvey Breakup

The couple were together for roughly a year and a half.

Michael B. Jordan is opening up about his public breakup with Lori Harvey.

The actor told “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King on Wednesday that his busy work schedule helped him cope with the dissolution of his relationship with the model.

“I think for me it’s just I was lucky enough to have a lot of work,” he said. “I’m a firm believer in what’s for you is for you, and coming out of that situation — not to give it any energy and kind of move from that ... it was an experience for me to grow, you know, and learn.“

“I’m in my light right now, this is my Jordan year, I mean that ... this is my year,”  he added.

Reports that Harvey and Jordan had broken up were confirmed in June 2022 when Harvey’s dad, TV host and author Steve Harvey, confirmed their breakup on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

The couple first went public with their relationship on Instagram in January 2021. Prior to his relationship with Harvey, Jordan had previously been private about his love life.

The actor had poked fun at his high-profile breakup during his “Saturday Night Live” monologue last month.

Jordan said that while people often boost their workout regimens after a breakup, he was already in tiptop shape for his role in the upcoming film “Creed III,” where he makes his directorial debut.

He joked that he instead decided to learn another language, and said in Spanish that he was on Raya, a membership-based dating app. 

“Estoy en Raya,” he said. 

When King asked Jordan about his status on the dating app on “CBS Mornings” on Wednesday, Jordan said that he was joking about using the app — perhaps to the disappointment of some of his fans.