Michael B. Jordan Is So Hot On 'SNL' That Gay Punkie Johnson Becomes 'Punkie B. Curious'

"Even vegans got cheat days, right?" Punkie asks during Jordan's debut monologue.
Michael B. Jordan and Punkie Johnson get close during his "SNL" monologue.
Michael B. Jordan and Punkie Johnson get close during his "SNL" monologue.
Screen Shot/NBC/Saturday Night Live

“Creed III” star and director Michael B. Jordan was a magnet for the women of “Saturday Night Live” during his monologue, even drawing Ego Nwodim onto the stage in a wedding dress — just in case.

Jordan launched his debut monologue goofing: “My name is Michael B. Jordan, but tonight [it’s]: ‘Michael B. Hosting,’ ‘Michael B. Joking,’ and, honestly, ‘Michael B. Nervous,’ ‘Michael B. Vulnerable.’ But don’t worry, Michael B. ’ight because Michael B. in therapy.”

That’s when he mentioned his recent breakup and new single status.

Heidi Gardner popped up to tell him that she had a Creed poster in her room — “wall, ceiling, printed onto a body pillow, whatever,” she added.

Then Nwodim wandered onstage in a bridal gown.

“I didn’t even know you were out here,” she said innocently. “I was just taking a walk around the studio and I just threw this on. Oh, my God, is this my wedding dress?”

Punkie Johnson positively could not keep her hands off Jordan.

“Aren’t you gay?” Jordan asked.

“I am,” she told him. “But you’re Michael B. Jordan — and I’m Punkie B. Curious.”

Johnson added: “I mean, even vegans got cheat days, right?”

Jordan played a clip of himself at the age of 16 from the soap opera “All My Children,” actually howling and boasting about the “crazy” “animal in me.” He ended his monologue with a howl — in a slightly lower register.

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