Michael B. Jordan Accidentally Punches 'SNL' Star In Hilarious New Promo

The “Creed III” star channeled his inner heavyweight champ ahead of his hosting debut on the show.

Michael B. Jordan gets a little carried away showing off his boxing skills in a hilarious new promo for his upcoming “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut.

Ahead of the new episode this weekend, the teaser features the “Creed III” star and director accidentally punching “SNL” newcomer Michael Longfellow multiple times.

In the short clip, Jordan is walking up to the show’s iconic stage when Longfellow approaches from behind and taps the actor on the back.

Channeling his inner heavy-weight champion Adonis Creed from the “Creed” series, Jordan rocks Longfellow with two hard punches to the face, causing the “SNL” actor to yell out “Jesus B. Christ!”

Jordan apologizes to Longfellow, who stands in disbelief, clutching his battered nose in pain.

“I am so sorry,” Jordan says with his hand still balled into a fist. “I am so sorry — it’s muscle memory.”

“I can’t have a broken nose. I was hired for my looks, not my talent,” Longfellow jokingly complains.

Jordan quips, “I know how that feels,” offering up a fist bump.

After Longfellow walks away, Jordan looks at his fist and whispers a gruff warning: “Never embarrass me like that again.”

Jordan is currently promoting “Creed III,” the third installment in the popular franchise, which also marks his directorial debut. The film features Jordan’s Adonis “Donnie” Creed squaring off against actor Jonathan Majors’ Damian Anderson, who plays a former friend and fellow boxer.

The sports drama also stars Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Wood Harris and Mila Davis-Kent.

Jordan is set to host “Saturday Night Live,” on Jan. 28 with musical guest Lil Baby. “Creed III” hits theaters on March 3.

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