Michael Bay Signs On For 'Transformers 4,' Calls It A 'Reboot'

Ain't It Cool News reports that Michael Bay has confirmed that he will, in fact, be returning to direct "Transformers 4," the next film in the "Transformers" franchise. The only twist? They're calling this one a "reboot."

Because though this next film will continue where the third film left off, plot-wise, there will be an entirely new cast! That could mean no Shia, no Megan, no John Turturro, no anybody!

That seems odd, doesn't it? That Bay would be unsatisfied with something that was working out pretty well. It's almost like he had everything he could want -- a huge budget, talent, swarms of adoring fans -- yet he just couldn't find a way to be content. I mean, why keep going if you're just going to ditch the essence, the real nucleus, of the franchise? Doesn't that just totally change it and deprive it of what made it special in the first place?

Only time will tell. For now, we can only wait with bated breath for this new film to seem appealing at first glance, but then completely disappoint us in every way over time.

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