Michael Bay May Have Used Old Movie Clips In Transformers 3 (VIDEO, POLL)


If you thought some scenes in the new Transformers film seemed familiar, you may have been right.

The internet is abuzz at the moment with the potential that Michael Bay may have recycled clips from his 2005 film, The Island, in his newest release, Transformers: Dark Side Of the Moon. While we can't tell you for sure that the rumors are true, the video below suggests an eerie similarity in a few scenes.

According to the IB Times, the film has raked in $98 million since its release on Tuesday. The Island was substantially less successful.

While the scenes aren't entirely identical, they do seem similar enough to suggest little more than some post-production editing. According to HD Room, because Transformers was shot in 3D the scenes would have to have been converted post-production.

Let us know if you think he reused the footage in our poll, below the video.


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