Michael Bennet In Dead Heat With Jane Norton: Public Policy Polling

Michael Bennet In Dead Heat With Jane Norton: Public Policy Polling

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows Colorado Senator Michael Bennet tied in his reelection bid with likely Republican opponent Jane Norton, with both recieving 43% support. Bennet's Democratic primary opponent, Andrew Romanoff, is actually beating Norton in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup heading into Tuesday's party caucuses.

The survey suggested that neither Norton nor Bennet are particularly popular in the state. Bennet had a 32% approval rating, while only 25% had a favorable opinion of Norton. Norton beat Bennet among independent voters, while Bennet enjoyed more unified support from Democrats than Norton did from Republicans. Norton, the former Lieutenant Governor, also faces a primary challenge.

This poll is not the first to suggest Romanoff may be a stronger general election candidate than Bennet. However, pollster Tom Jensen, writing for Public Policy Polling, urged caution in declaring Romanoff the 'more electable candidate."

Bennet has had all the negatives of incumbency- being associated with an unpopular majority party during a recession- without the positives- defining himself positively to the voters on the airwaves in the context of a statewide campaign. If Romanoff is still doing better than Bennet four or five months from now once the voters have started really paying attention the electability argument might carry more heft.

The poll was conducted from March 5 to March 8, and has a 4.1% margin for error.

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