New York

Michael Bloomberg: Leave BP Alone!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of the Bloomberg Bloombergs, thinks that everyone is being unnecessarily hard on BP, and hopes that we can all avoid a "rush to judgment." Per the New York Post:

The billionaire former CEO mayor is known for defending private businesses dealing with public relations problems. Friday was no different.

Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show that the head of British Petroleum "didn't exactly go down there and blow up the well."

Oh, well! Could the zero people who are out there, promoting the idea that BP CEO Tony Hayward went down to the Deepwater Horizon oil rig to personally blow it up kindly shut up?

Additionally, Bloomberg is said to have opined that "everyone might want to wait to assign blame because the expertise of BP is needed to fix the problem." And you know, I get that we're stuck in the Codependency Tango with the oil company, I just think it would be great if BP could stop demonstrating their "expertise" in clamping down on media coverage.

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