Twitter Critics Mock Bloomberg's 'Open Office' Vision For White House East Room

"This is ridiculous. I want a president. Not shark tank, government edition. So tired of oligarchy masquerading as a savior billionaire," noted one wag.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg on Monday detailed his vision for a transformation of the East Room of the White House into an egalitarian open office plan if he wins the presidency. Of course, he’d maintain the Oval Office, but during brainstorming sessions, he would “sit with our team” in an “open office plan” in the East Room, he tweeted.

In a clear dig at President Donald Trump, Bloomberg also noted he would use the Oval Office for some “official functions — never for tweeting.” The “rest of the time, I’ll be where a leader should be: with the team.” He illustrated his vision with a photo featuring him in the City Hall staff “bullpen” when he was mayor of New York City.

Twitter critics choked on his vision. Many thought the idea was just “dumb” and a waste of thought and money. Others hated what one called the “hell hole” of open offices — and observed that such an arrangement would be a security nightmare. 

They also pointed out that the Michael-come-lately presidential candidate’s intention to roll up his shirt sleeves with his White House aides won’t convince them that he’s anything other than a billionaire businessman.

Bloomberg’s tweet also triggered a bunch of wacky ideas for the East Room, from transforming it into a roller rink to building a dog library