Michael Boatwright, American, Wakes Up With No Memory Of Who He Is, Speaking Swedish

American Wakes Up Speaking Swedish With No Memory Of Who He Is

Michael Boatwright's driver's license says he was born in Florida, but after waking up from a hospital bed in Palm Springs, Calif., all he can speak is Swedish.

MyDesert.com has a new in-depth report on Boatwright, who was found unconscious in a motel room on February 28. He has no memory of his life and only responds to the name "Johan Ek."

Doctors have diagnosed Boatwright with Transient Global Amnesia, a disorder in which patients are unable to form new memories.

Medical personnel also believe Boatwright is in a dissociative fugue state, wherein a person forgets their past and can sometimes take on a new personality.

Boatwright, who appears to have lived in Sweden for much of his life, has an online portfolio that says he got a bachelors from Michigan State and Masters from Stockholm University.

It's unclear if Boatwright's symptoms will be temporary, but similar conditions make headlines with regularity.

Two months ago, the Telegraph reported on a man with "Walking Corpse Syndrome" who thought he was dead.

And, unlike Boatwright who likely spoke Swedish before he found himself in the California hospital, Englishman Alun Morgan woke up from a stroke last December to discover he could only speak Welsh, a language he never formally learned

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