Michael Boley Touchdown Celebration: Giants Player Hits Man In Face With The Ball (VIDEO)

Giants Veteran Chucks Ball At Man's Face After TD

New York Giants outside linebacker Michael Boley knew exactly what to do when Sam Bradford's lateral pass to Cadillac Williams dropped to the ground in the second quarter. While Cadillac remained in neutral as the ball rolled around, the Giants' veteran chased it down and scooped it up.

When Boley looked up there was nothing between him and the end zone but 60 yards of greenery. Boley rolled down the sideline all that way to put the Giants up 14-6. Once he arrived in the end zone there was no longer acres of free space in front of Boley, but he didn't seem to register that in his exuberance. In celebration of his big play, Boley fired the ball directly into the face of man standing just beyond the end zone. Despite this person standing just feet from Boley, the defender seemed not to notice him even after he pegged him in the head.

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