Michael Boyle: 'Visceral Hatred' Of Drones Undermines U.S. Foreign Policy In Long Term (VIDEO)

Former Obama counterterrorism advisor Michael Boyle joined HuffPost Live Monday to discuss the negative impacts the United States' use of drones may have on its long-term foreign policy.

Boyle, who worked in Obama's counterterrorism group during the 2008 campaign, backed up retired General Stanley McChrystal's recent comments that the world hates drones on a "visceral level" and that the use of drones perpetuates a "perception of American arrogance."

"Visceral hatred has a political consequence, and the political consequence is that over time it will make it harder for those governments to say yes to the United States," Boyle told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin. "Our longer-term counter-terrorism cooperation with Yemen and Pakistan is an extraordinarily important thing. Those governments face domestic political costs. And if it is stirring visceral hatred, and it gets to the point where those governments can't say yes, that's a problem for us over the longer term."

In the same segment, lawyer and adjunct professor of National Security Studies at Georgetown Christopher Swift explained why newly-appointed CIA Director John Brennan's comments dismissing the collateral damage of drone strikes sounds like little more than talking points:

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