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Michael C. Hall Imagined Dexter As Already Dead In Earlier Seasons

Michael C. Hall has killed 125 people as Dexter Morgan since we first met him seven years ago.

Below, Hall teases the final season, tackles some burning questions about the series and wonders: Who is Dexter talking to during his voice-overs, anyway?

I read that after having to shave every day for "Six Feet Under," you lobbied for Dex to always be unshaven ... Are there any other anecdotal stories like that behind creating the character?
One thing I've always felt is the character needn't be bound by his voice-over. I've always thought that he wasn't the most reliable narrator. There might be some voice-over beyond the voice-over that we don't hear. I've also wondered where this voice-over coming from. Who is he talking to? Early on, I imagined Dexter had died and he had gone to purgatory and they were playing back footage of his life and he had to narrate the footage in such a way that justify his admittance into heaven.