Michael Calderone Leaving Politico, Latest In Mini-Exodus


Politico media blogger Michael Calderone is leaving the site for Yahoo.

According to sources, he is expected to leave Politico within a matter of weeks to join Yahoo News' original content project, overseen by blogging editor Andrew Golis. Chris Lehmann and "Cajun Boy" Brett Michael Dykes also recently joined the project.

Calderone, who joined Politico from the New York Observer, has the rare distinction of being named both one of Keith Olbermann's "Worst Persons in the World" and one of Bill O'Reilly's "pinheads."

Calderone had no comment when reached by the Huffington Post.

The departure comes on the heels of several other big losses for the site: just last week, features editor Pia Catton left to join the Wall Street Journal, Victoria McGrane left to join Newswires, and Patrick O'Connor left to join Bloomberg. Other members of Politico's staff have also been shopping their resumes around to various news organizations in Washington.

It is a tense time at an already intense organization: the site recently came under fire from black journalists after CNN's "Reliable Sources" showed an editorial meeting full of white men; the New York Times Magazine is expected to publish an article about the site by Mark Leibovich some time next month.

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