Michael Caputo, Carl Paladino's Aide, Now Knows What Went Wrong

Carl Paladino Spokesman Michael Caputo was at The New School on Wednesday for a panel retrospective on the 2010 elections.

Caputo discussed some of the main reasons for Paladino's unsuccessful gubernatorial big, primary among them the inappropriate emails the candidate sent out.

"Not the pornography, but the perceived racism. We found that to be a bullet to the head. And it was something to look at very carefully. I actually had the dubious honor of going through Carl's outbox."

All of this, Caputo said, was a symptom of a greater problem -- Paladino's love of shock value.

"I do believe that Carl fell in love with the kerplunk of the turd in the punch bowl. He had a lot of fun turning people's heads and raising their hair."