Michael Cera & Reggie Watts Sing About Friendship, Pie For 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' (VIDEO)

And by singing a song about friendship and pie to the Internet, Michael Cera has fulfilled the prophecy set forth when Michael Cera was conceived into this world.

Cera and Reggie Watts improvise the ballad on the spot for the web series that accompanies "Comedy Bang! Bang!" called "Reggie Makes Music," where the "one man bandleader" of the show uses his formidable musical improv skills with celebrity guests from the IFC comedy chat show.

Fans of Cera, Watts, friendship and/or pie will love this soulful ballad, complete with Cera's voice cracking (surely as an example of his raw passion for pie escaping through his vocal cords).

"Comedy Bang! Bang!" premieres on IFC on Friday, June 8 at 10 p.m. You can watch a full episode, starring Amy Poehler, here.