Michael Che Berates Culture Writer In Vulgar Rant For Mocking 'SNL' Co-Star Colin Jost

The “Weekend Update” co-anchor called the critic a “mediocre ass white dude” after his op-ed called Jost the show’s “most despised cast member.”

Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che publicly lashed out against a culture writer following the publication of an op-ed calling his “Weekend Update” co-anchor the show’s “most despised cast member.”

In the Friday Uproxx editorial titled “Why Does Everyone (Still) Hate ’SNL’s Colin Jost?” Steve Hyden took aim at Jost’s personal life, “lack of on-camera experience” and the politically “centrist, dispassionate pragmatism” of his comedic routines:

Among the people I know who like SNL, Jost (at best) is a benign presence whose essential blandness precludes feeling one way or the other about his tenure on “Weekend Update,” or (at worst) a smug hack who relies far too often on easy, frat-dude punchlines about porno movies and penis sizes.

But the remarks didn’t go over well with Che, who berated Hyden as a “mediocre ass white dude” in a series of Instagram posts, suggesting he engages in bestiality. The messages appeared on the app’s “story” feature ― meaning they disappear after 24 hours ― but screenshots were posted on Twitter.

Appearing to hit back at objections to his remarks, Che wrote that he will “never understand why when they shit on people its criticism. but when i shit on them its harassment..?”

Responding, Hyden told Che, “I don’t feel harassed.”

“Your bit about me having sex with dogs was hilarious,” he tweeted. “Have a nice Easter.”

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