SNL's Michael Che Goes Undercover As A Liberal White Woman In Hilarious Sketch

He shopped at Anthropologie and went to a boozy brunch. 😂

Comedian Michael Che went through a “complete and thorough transformation” on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend: He became Gretchen, your resident liberal white woman. 

During the “Weekend Update” segment on Saturday, Che explained that he often receives a lot of criticism for making fun of marginalized groups in some of his jokes. The main group doling out this criticism? Liberal white women, Che said.

So, to better understand where these liberal white ladies are coming from, Che went undercover as a liberal white woman for the day. The results were hilarious. 

The “Weekend Update” anchor went all out: He listened to “the most ignorant rap music” he could find, read Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl, shopped at Anthropologie, took on manspreaders and even went out to Sunday brunch. (He also read about liberal white lady issues on none other than HuffPost Women’s page.) 

Che summed up his findings rather perfectly: “They want the same thing that everybody else wants: equality, respect, and wine in the daytime with no judgment.” 

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