SNL's Michael Che Says He Wants To See Trump's 'Dumbass Wall'

The "Weekend Update" co-anchor also confesses he's tired of making jokes about Donald Trump.

Now that President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency in his effort to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, “Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update” co-anchor Michael Che admits he’s “so tired of telling” about the current White House occupant.

“We’ve been making fun of this dude and his dumbass wall for so long, I gotta be honest, now I kind of want to see the wall,” Che said. “I mean, I’ve never seen anybody so confident about such a bad idea. It’s almost charming.”

He added: “I just want to see exactly what Trump thinks is going to happen when a Mexican cartel sees a wall. What do you think, they’ll just shake their fists and walk home?”

Co-anchor Colin Jost took Trump to task for his vague evidence of the need for the wall.

“I have many stats,” Trump said in a video clip.

Jost commented: “Many of them. Does anyone else get the sneaking suspicion that when he says ‘many’ he means zero? It’s like turning in a paper where the bibliography section just says, ‘Many Books.’”

Check out the video above.