Michael Cohen Says New ‘Deathblow’ Will Make Donald Trump’s Biggest Fear Come True

It spells "financial catastrophe" for the former president, said his onetime fixer and attorney.

Donald Trump’s biggest fear is about to come true, the ex-president’s former attorney suggested on Sunday.

Michael Cohen told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki that New York Judge Arthur Engoron’s order that some Trump companies be dissolved ― after he found the former president liable for routinely overvaluing his assets and net worth to obtain loans ― spelled “financial catastrophe” for the former president.

“It is the deathblow to Donald,” predicted Cohen.

“I’ll tell you, during my tenure at the Trump Organization, I can tell you this has always been his biggest fear,” he added. “That he would lose all of his money and that he would no longer be considered the mega-billionaire that he tried to portray himself as.”

Psaki noted that the ruling is being called “a corporate death sentence by a number of people.”

Watch the interview here:

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