Michael Crichton And Bush Met To Discuss Being "Underwhelmed" By Global Warming Science...

It may be hard to fathom that someone capable of writing the above passage is also capable of discovering the hidden truth about global warming that has eluded the world's leading scientists. But Michael Crichton, on the phone from Los Angeles, does not sound daunted. "If you just look at the science, I, at least, am underwhelmed," he says in a slightly jaded monotone that belies his breathless potboiler prose. "This may or may not be a problem, but it is far from the most serious problem. If you want to do something, [limiting emissions] is not what to do. We don't at this moment have good technology to do this, if, in fact, it's necessary to do it."

Then, before I can stop him, the superstar creator of Jurassic Park and more than a dozen other best-selling novels, as well as several box-office movie smashes and television's blockbuster "ER," is off and running through his favorite new area of expertise. Effortlessly, Crichton touches on the anti-windmill movement in England, references a 2001 article in the journal Science on global energy needs, notes interesting developments regarding the Kyoto treaty, and poses a question about the latest round of nation-by-nation emissions data. "How many people know that we did better on a percentage basis than Canada?" Crichton asks. He certainly does.

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