Michael Crichton, the Oil Industry's Favorite "Journalist"

Yesterday's New York Times helped shed a little light on the baffling question of what (and who) was really behind Michael Crichton's ludicrous anti-global warming screed, "State of Fear". Apparently, Crichton has gone from respected sci-fi novelist to oil industry shill, with an industry group rewarding the writer with their version of an Oscar -- the American Association of Petroleum Geologists' annual journalism award (I kid you not!).

Clearly the AAPG doesn't have a firm grasp on the definition of journalism. "It is fiction," said AAPG spokesman Larry Nation of the book. "But it has the absolute ring of truth." Purposely confusing fact and fiction is all the rage right now. A downright epidemic.

It is a shame that Crichton has been willing to destroy his reputation to help spread propaganda and lies for the oil industry -- but there you have it. What a profound honor: "Journalist of the Year" from the AAPG!

Dust off your mantle, Michael -- your trophy is on the way! stopglobalwarming.org