Michael Davis, 5-Year-Old Student, Forcibly Had Legs And Feet Bound, Arrested At School (VIDEO)

SHOCK: 5-Year-Old Forcibly Bound, Arrested At School

What started as an attempt by the Rio Calaveras Elementary in Stockton, Calif. to change the behavior of a student with ADHD, turned into a source of outrage for the boy's mother, KCRA reports.

Earlier this year, school officials arranged for 5-year-old Michael Davis to meet with a school police officer in the hopes that the gathering would leave the sometimes-too-aggressive Davis "scared straight."

Instead, the officer bound his hands and feet with zip ties, charged him with battery on a police officer, and forced him to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Lieutenant Frank Fordo wrote in the police report that, after placing his hand on Davis, the boy "pushed my hand away ... pushed papers off the table, and kicked me in the right knee."

Instead of calling Davis' mother, Fordo bound the boy's hands and feet, and took him to the hospital.

"I didn't know until two or three weeks later that my son was zip tied," Davis's mother Thelma Gray told the station. Both the police chief and the school district declined requests by the station to give a comment.

Earlier this month, a 10-year-old 5th grader from Florida was arrested after allegedly attacking her teacher for confiscating halloween candy.

When a reporter from WFTV asked the child's mother if she thought her daughter's attack warranted an arrest, she responded passionately.

"No. No. No," she told the station. "I was shocked, devastated."

The police report, however, described the opposite:

"The defendant then struck Sanchez in the stomach and side. She also stated that she would kill Ms. Sanchez and her family."

In September, the behavioral correction tactics of an an Athens, Ga. paraprofessional at Whitehead Road Elementary School were questioned after she allegedly put clear packaging tape over a girl's mouth to prevent the student from talking. After the classroom teacher reported the incident, the paraprofessional was placed on leave.

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