Michael Dell: 'The Most Dangerous Thing Is Not Taking A Risk'

Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, Inc., told HuffPost Live at Davos on Friday he's disappointed in entrepreneurs and leaders who don't encourage a little risk taking.

"When you hear people talk about risks at Davos, many times they're talking about risk as a bad thing," Dell said. "The way I think about risk is, I want to take some risks. The most dangerous thing is not taking a risk."

Dell said he thinks it should be more simple to get businesses started and change the culture so "there's more acceptance of risk."

"If you want to create jobs and entrepreneurship, make it easy for people to start companies," Dell said.

Dell did acknowledge more risks could lead to more failure, but he argued that could be a positive thing.

"You don't learn anything when you're succeeding, right? You learn when you're failing," Dell said.

Below, live updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting: