Michael Dell Slapped Down By Putin At Davos: "We Don't Need Help. We Are Not Invalids" (VIDEO)

Fortune's Peter Gumbel reports that Michael Dell was slapped down by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin after offering Dell's help expanding IT in Russia.

"The trick is: we don't need any help," Putin shot back at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "We are not invalids. We do not have limited capacity. People with limited capacities, abilities should be helped...developing countries should be helped."

Putin would go on to outline Russia's successes expanding IT infrastructure throughout the country and to praise Russian software engineering.

Gumbel writes that Putin's outburst is symptomatic of a Russian distaste towards offers to help from the west.

"Russia has been allergic to offers of aid from the West ever since hundreds of overpaid consultants arrived in Moscow after the collapse of Communism, in 1991, and proceeded to hand out an array of advice that proved, at times, useless or dangerous," he wrote.

Watch (video still of Putin's face as Dell offered help below):