Michael Don Mitchell, Ravioli Theft Suspect, Had Chef Boyardee Sauce On Face When Arrested

If Michael Don Mitchell is convicted of burglary, he has only himself to blame -- and Chef Boyardee.

Mitchell, 38, was arrested and charged with burglary on Monday by officers in Gregg County, Tex. after allegedly taking about $87 in cash and change from a home in Lakeport, Tex., according to KFXK-TV.

Officers also said that Mitchell ate a can of ravioli during the robbery. Investigators were able to identify him as a suspected burglar by the telltale spaghetti sauce on his lips and mouth, which was, according to the arrest report, "consistent with the sauce used in Chef Boyardee raviolis," KETK-TV reported.

Mitchell also took a green reusable shopping bag, a black fleece hood and two $2 bills.

Currently, he is being held Tuesday in the Gregg County Jail on $10,000 bond.

He's not the only criminal who got in trouble because of his hunger or thirst.

Kylan Brock of Clarksville, Tenn., was recently arrested for burglary when the homeowner returned, found various items missing and then noticed Brock drinking a beer in the backyard.

Earlier this year, Russell Neff was accused of breaking and entering into a home in Salisbury, Md., stripping down to his underwear and cooking a chicken pot pie belonging to the victim. Oh, and he licked the remote control.



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