Michael Douglas Fact-Checks Danny DeVito's Story About Saving His Life

"I can’t believe he gets away with this story," the movie star told "Late Night" host Seth Meyers.

Danny DeVito has been dining out on a story about saving the life of longtime friend and co-star Michael Douglas.

DeVito says he sucked snake venom out of Douglas’ arm after the star was bitten while filming “Romancing The Stone” in 1984.

However, Douglas told “Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Monday that DeVito’s version of events isn’t really true. “I can’t believe he gets away with this story,” said Douglas, who explained DeVito didn’t do anything to help the snakebite.

“What he’ll do for a joke, I dunno,” he added. “He didn’t do nothing.”

Check out the clip above, and hear Douglas’ anecdote about playing golf with President Donald Trump below:

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